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They should not be missing in any kitchen garden. Not only do fruit trees enrich the life of pollinating insects, they also give us tasty fruit in autumn. Apples are versatile and popular fruit and there are far more varieties for your own garden than you can find in the supermarket all year round.

Our gardeners have put together a selection of our most popular apple varieties for you.
In addition to the desired properties of the fruit, it is important to note that two trees blooming at the same time are adjacent. Bees can then successfully pollinate your tree, fruit will form and the autumn harvest will be rich. As a rule, the distance between the two trees should not be more than 30m, so that an already existing apple tree in the neighbor's garden can lead to a rich harvest.
When planting, it is advisable to thoroughly loosen the subsoil and work in compost when digging the planting hole. The planting hole should be at least twice as large as the root ball of the tree. After pressing down well, it should be poured generously and, depending on the size of the tree, supported with a wooden post.

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