Zwiebelmischung Pop Art - Königliche Gartenakademie

Pop Art onion mix

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The colorful onion mix from our head gardener puts you in a good mood from April to June. Yellow imperial crowns dance above the daffodils and tulips, followed by blue prairie lilies.

  • 10 Tulipa 'Ballerina'
  • 10 Tulipa 'Don Quixote'
  • 10 Tulipa 'Flashback'
  • 10 Tulipa 'Orange Emperior'
  • 10 Tulipa 'Queen of Night'
  •   3 Fritillaria imp. 'Maxima Lutea'
  • 20 Narcissus 'Dutch Master'
  •   5 Camassia Leichtlinii 'Caerulea'